Give goods

We provide the necessities of life to our families in shelter and in the community and thanks to your support, we provided 33,034 shelter bed stays in 2017, and at any given night we have 25-30 families staying in our emergency shelter. Please note: we are only able to accept NEW items due to health and safety policies. 

All donations can be dropped off at our Emergency Family Shelter located at: 110-11th Ave SE, Calgary. Please contact us at 403-999-7452 or with any questions.

Critical Needs

New Clothing, Coats & Accessories: Boys & Girls underwear ages 4, 5, 6, 7 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Men’s & Women underwear sizes – small, medium, large, xl; Boys & Girls running shoes; Men & women running shoes.

New Childcare Supplies (Full and Travel Sizes): Baby bottles, baby wipes, baby lotion, baby oil, baby body wash, baby shampoo, baby Vaseline, sippy cups, baby burping cloths, baby bath towels, baby washcloths, crib bedding sets, strollers, Diaper Genies and Diaper Genie refills, and diapers.

Gift Cards & Passes (Family Activities): ex. Superstore, Walmart, Safeway, movie tickets, zoo passes, city recreation centers.  

Shelter & Housing Needs

New Shelter Supplies: high-efficiency laundry soap, new laundry baskets, new bath towels, large plastic storage containers, new linens for twin and double beds, Diaper Genies and refill packages, personal hygiene supplies (shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotions), Kleenex, bottles of water.

Gift Cards (Family Needs):  Gift cards for household items & food stores.

Nutrition & Meal Supply Needs

New Food Items (Unopened & Non-Perishable): NO PEANUTS OR PEANUT PRODUCTS PLEASE – juice boxes, bottled water, granola & cereal bars, cereal, cheese sticks, cut-up veggie packs, individually packaged oatmeal, peanut-free lunch snacks, Baby Mum Mums, toddler & baby snacks, baby formula (GoodStart 1 & 2, Parent’s Choice, Similac, Enfamil), canned soup & stew, pasta, pasta sauces, rice, canned chicken & other proteins, canned fruit, pancake syrup (regular size or commercial size), salad dressing (regular size or commercial size), cornmeal (commercial size if possible), sugar (commercial size if possible), honey, salt

New Meal Supplies: paper lunch bags, Ziploc bags, aluminum foil, plastic utensils, paper napkins, paper cups, new serving spoons & tongs for meal service, disposable spoons & forks

Gift Cards (Food & Kitchen Supplies): Walmart, Superstore and food stores

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding donations of prepared foods. We are very careful to ensure all food is prepared in a safe environment for our guests with allergies and/or dietary restrictions. We have a number of guests with celiac disease as well as nut allergies, and a growing number of guests who have identified specific religious dietary restrictions. As such, please ensure all food donations are clearly labeled with ingredients and/or recipe.

All donations can be dropped off at our Emergency Family Shelter located at 110-11th Ave SE, Calgary. Please contact us at 403-999-7452 or with any questions.