Indigenous Engagement Programs

A temporary family crisis doesnt have to lead to homelessness. If you get help early, we can help you stay in your home and decrease the possibility of a housing crisis in the future.

Give us a call at 403 263 8384 or send us an email at We have someone available to assist you 24/7, but please note that email is best for non-urgent inquiries.

About Our Indigenous Engagement Program

Our Indigenous Engagement program at Inn from the Cold is in place for current families accessing our housing and shelter programs. We recognize that over half of the families that reach out to Inn from the Cold are Indigenous. It is our goal to be able to offer our services to your family from an Indigenous lens that encompasses an Indigenous worldview and ways of knowing. This program is founded on reciprocity, respect and relationship building. We will partner with you to establish cultural connections and resources relevant to your familys needs.

Program Questions & Answers

How do I access this program?

As a current client of Inn from the Cold, you will be given information during the intake process on the supports offered through this program. This program is interwoven throughout the fabric of our organization however, it is of course your choice to accept the offered activity or support if you so choose. There will also be opportunities to attend cultural programming outside of The Inn and we will support you to attend those as well.

What does support look like?

We are there to help you connect or reconnect to your Indigenous and/or cultural heritage. We can support you in building relationships and bridging connections with other Indigenous and cultural organizations and individuals, so that when you leave Inn from the Cold, your family has an established network of relationships that you can rely on for support.

Upon arrival, or soon after, the Indigenous and Cultural Coordinator will come to offer greeting to you and your family with a welcome package. This will consist of various culturally appropriate items to support your connection to culture. You will then be given additional information on the various supports available through this program, such as access to Elders, ceremony, smudge, medicines, teachings, in-house activities and events.

We understand the impacts of colonialism and intergenerational trauma on Indigenous Peoples of whom all tribes are unique and distinct. We also understand the trauma of being without housing. As you and your family navigate this challenging time the Indigenous and Cultural program staff, along with other programs that make up the Inn from the Cold team, are here to offer you the support you need to help your family move toward obtaining safe and secure housing and a sense of belonging and connection within the city of Calgary or wherever you choose to relocate.