Announcing the Family Homelessness INNformation Series

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Announcing the Family Homelessness INNformation Series

In 2017, Inn from the Cold celebrated 20 years of serving vulnerable children and families in Calgary. However, when we looked back on the year, we realized the dial has not been moved for families experiencing homelessness. In fact, over the past 10 years, the number of families we served in shelter rose 9%, while adult single homelessness decreased by 26%. Our shelter operated at or over capacity 61% of the year and 58% of our guests were children.

We know that to end adult homelessness we must first end child homelessness and that the needs of families experiencing housing crisis are radically different than those of single adults. What we are seeing with families experiencing housing crisis in our city is the impetus to our 6-week Family Homelessness INNformation Series.

Join us online over these 6 weeks to learn more about issues surrounding family homelessness. We will be speaking with Abe Brown, Executive Director, Inn from the Cold and other experts in the field. We will be covering topics including: The Differences between Family & Adult Single Homelessness, Data and Research, Trauma-Informed Care, Economic Barriers and Solutions, Social Inclusion and the Case for Adequate and Affordable Family Housing.

We will be sharing the Family Homelessness INNformation Series on our blog and social media channels and we hope to see you there and joining in on the conversation!  

Early Childhood Development and Birdies for Kids

Our Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Youth programs are an integral part of our organization. With the average age of a guest in shelter being 3-5 years old and 58% of those we serve being under the age of 17, we do what we can to mitigate the negative impacts of homelessness.  Read more about our ECD and Youth programs, and how you can help support our young guests through Birdies for Kids here! Click to read...

We Love Volunteers!

DistributionNOW is a company dedicated to giving back to community and have been coming to volunteer for meal service twice a month for a year. They are always an amazing group of compassionate, fun volunteers and they brighten up our dining room every time they are here. Thank you DNOW!
For information on volunteer opportunities, click here.

Please consider joining the Inn Crowd, our monthly giving program.

When you are part of the Inn Crowd, giving is more convenient for you, your donations will make a regular, compounded impact and you will enjoy special perks that come along with being part of the Inn Crowd. Monthly donations help us achieve our mission and vision through consistent, sustainable support. Please email for more information or click here to join now.

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