What We Do

Child homelessness affects the future of everyone. We are working to break the cycle of homelessness and build a community where no child or family is homeless.

For over 20 years, we have been developing our progressive model of care which has changed thousands of people’s lives for the better—and we are committed to continuing to innovate to help more families in need. We couldn’t do it without our amazing donors, partners, and supporters.

Creating A Community Where No Child Or Family Is Homeless

Our programs mitigate trauma, build confidence, and guide families towards independence and away from social supports.

Purple House with Homelessness Prevention Call to Action

Homelessness Prevention

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Children thrive in stable home environments. We work hard to keep families housed by addressing each family’s unique needs and connecting them to supports.

Green House with Emergency Short-Term Shelter Call to Action

Temporary Emergency Shelter

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In times of crisis, we provide children and families with shelter, food, clothing, and other support while maintaining a strong focus on helping them find housing as soon as possible.

Blue House with Long-Term Supplies Call to Action

Housing & Support

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Once families enter into supportive housing, we continue to offer ongoing support by connecting them to partner agencies who offer youth programs, financial coaching, job training, and other vital resources.

Families do better in their own homes

Ongoing stress from homelessness harms a child’s developing brain. Living in constant crisis impacts their development, which increases their chance of mental illness and other health issues.

Housing provides stability which is essential to maintaining employment. Finding and keeping work is almost impossible without access to a shower, clean clothing, and reliable phone or internet services.

A permanent home keeps children and families rooted in their community, helping them build a lasting network of relationships and support.

Homelessness Prevention

At Inn from the Cold, we have a vision to see a community where no child or family is homeless. That’s why prevention and diversion are always our first step if possible. When a family in distress calls on us because they are facing a crisis, we partner with a collective of agencies to remove barriers and ensure that the family stays housed.

The moment a child becomes homeless creates toxic stress and negatively affects their overall development. If we can prevent children from experiencing homelessness, we can prevent the cycle of homelessness from ever beginning.

Temporary Emergency Shelter

When a family has already become homeless and comes to our Emergency Family Shelter, we provide a range of supports to ensure they can move from homelessness to independence as soon as possible. We use trauma-informed care to help families overcome the harmful effects of homelessness and the factors that led them to homelessness. As Alberta’s largest street-level, low-barrier, Emergency Family Shelter, we operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

For children and youth, experiencing homelessness can have a lasting effect. Our Early Childhood and Youth Development supports are specifically designed to help children cope with trauma and gain the tools they need to build a brighter future.

Housing & Support

We provide ongoing support by helping families plan for the future and advocating on their behalf. The families we work with also have access to peer-support networks and referrals to other organizations and community resources.

We offer supportive housing with Journey House 1 and 2 by providing 19 apartments where families can stay on their path from homelessness to independence.


days last year, we operated over capacity


of the families we serve are Indigenous, and 22% are new Canadians

Nearly 50%

of our guests are single mothers

We are here to help!

If your family needs safe shelter or affordable housing, please get in touch with us today! We are here to help your family achieve self-sufficiency to build a bright future.