Social Media Community Guidelines

Date modified 16 April 2020

Inn from the Cold (IFTC) is present on the following social media platforms:





Follow us for content about the following

• General news about the family homelessness sector in the Calgary region
• Information about the services that IFTC provides to vulnerable families facing homelessness
• Updates about IFTC advocacy efforts
• Information about educational opportunities, social support services, and community programs that are available to families, including single-parent, multigenerational, newcomer, Indigenous, and LGBTQ2S+ families
• Information about what gifts-in-kind are most needed
• Updates about IFTC’s new major funders, donation campaigns, fundraising programs and special events
• Information about volunteer activities and opportunities
• Announcements about IFTC publications or publications from our partner organizations
• Notifications about IFTC operations

Organizational photos and images

Inn from the Cold provides emergency shelter and supportive housing to any Calgary family facing homelessness. Families that come to IFTC for help rarely come from living on the street. They come from having temporarily lived with friends or family or from permanent homes they’ve lost. IFTC serves all types of families as long as there is an expectant mother or at least one child under the age of 17. While IFTC makes an effort to reflect this diversity in its marketing photos, it’s not always possible. No one image, or even a series of images, would reflect the full range of the families that IFTC serves. Please note that IFTC does not publish photos or videos of the families it serves due to privacy considerations. For these reasons, stock photos that are representative of the families that IFTC serves are selected. These photos are intended to be respectful and reflective of familial values and not deemed to be sensationalistic, hyperbolic, or exploitive in any way.

Content from third-parties

Inn from the Cold will occasionally publish content from corporate sponsors, partner organizations, independent research groups, and government ministries. Such content is aligned with the Inn from the Cold’s vision, mission, values, and current organizational strategy.

Follows and likes

Inn from the Cold may follow and like social media accounts from individual and corporate supporters, partner organizations, community leaders, donors, and volunteers. Please note that being followed or liked by IFTC does not imply endorsement of any kind.

Retweets and shares

Inn from the Cold occasionally retweets and shares content that’s aligned with its vision, mission, values, and organizational strategy. Retweeting and sharing by IFTC should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the content originator or of any organization mentioned in the message.

Questions and comments

Inn from the Cold updates and views its social media accounts from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. Questions and comments from users outside of these times are reviewed at the beginning of the next business day. IFTC is not able to reply individually to all messages it receives through its social media channels.
Inn from the Cold welcomes feedback, suggestions, and ideas from its community members who follow its social media accounts. Any emerging themes or helpful suggestions may be passed to the relevant people within the organization for exploration.

Protecting privacy

In your comments or direct message replies, do not include any personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses. Do not share any photos or videos that may compromise someone’s personal privacy or security.
Please note that Inn from the Cold does not publish any content that identifies any family members who use any of its facilities or programs due to privacy considerations.
IFTC is committed to ensuring that online conversations remain in good taste and is a positive, productive experience for all participants. Visitors to its social media channels are encouraged to stay on topic and remain respectful in their comments.

Do not post comments of the following nature

• Advertising, marketing or political messages
• Offensive, profane, hateful, derogatory, cruel, antagonistic, rude, condescending, misogynistic, obscene, threatening, sexually explicit or suggestive comments
• Content that discriminates in any way on the basis of place of origin, colour, race, ancestry, religious beliefs, age, gender, gender expression, gender identity, marital status, family status, source of income, socio-economic status, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation
• Information that could compromise security, operations or the safety and wellbeing of employees, volunteers, or the families using the IFTC’s facilities and/or programs
• Personal attacks or defamatory statements
• Serious, unsubstantiated or inaccurate accusations
• Messages that imply, suggest, condone or encourage illegal activity of any kind
• Messages that impersonate or misrepresent some other person, group or entity
• Comments containing spam or posted by fake, anonymous or robot accounts
• Unintelligible messages
• Messages that are not relevant in any way to a post’s content or IFTC in general
For any violation of the above guidelines, Inn from the Cold will delete posts or permanently ban or block a visitor on any or all of its social media channels. Commenters are ultimately responsible for their posts.

If you have any inquiries about this policy or IFTC’s social media channels

Please email 

We will respond to your email within two business days.