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Connecting For A Cause

Each year we host a variety of events that raise vital funds for our organization.

Kiitaamoko Passkaan (Everybody Dance) Powwow

Inn from the Cold is proud to host our second annual Kiitaamoko Passkaan (Everybody Dance) Powwow on Saturday, June 15, 2024 in Harley Hotchkiss Gardens, 611 4 Street S.W.

This high-energy event and community celebration showcases vibrant Indigenous culture, song and dance. This will be a Traditional Powwow where invited traditional dancers and drum groups will showcase their talents and culture and where everyone is invited to join in and dance!

Held during National Indigenous History Month, our Powwow will unite the community on Neighbour Day and create a safe place for celebration, cultural connection and education.

If you’ve never experienced the sounds and colours of the Traditional Powwow, this is your chance.

We hope you will join the dance and experience the heartbeat of the drum!

Kiitaamoko Passkaan!

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Our Signature Gala: INNfluence

Save the date for Saturday, November 2, 2024, for the 3rd annual INNfluence Gala, presented by Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, Marriot Hotels, Encore and Modern Rentals.

An INNcredible night of entertainment, experiences and exquisite food. INNfluence is an event where the energy is palpable as Calgary’s influential community unites together in the fight against family homelessness.

By definition, influence refers to “the capacity to have an effect.” At Inn from the Cold, INNfluence, speaks to the collective ability our community has in ending family homelessness.

For over 25 years, Calgarians have INNfluenced Inn from the Cold’s ability to support those in need. This year’s INNfluence Gala is a celebration inspired by the unwavering hope, resilience, and strength exemplified in the transformative work of Inn from the Cold, generously supported by Calgarians like you.

Within the walls of the Inn, we witness the incredible power of your contributions, understanding that the hope and strength of our donors have the profound ability to uplift and transform lives.

In 2024, we embark on a new journey, capturing the essence of transformation through a vibrant, dazzling, and lively evening experience inspired by the enchanting world of contemporary circus acts.

This year’s theme, Le Cirque de L’espoir, pays homage to the indomitable spirit of families facing homelessness — showcasing not only their resilience but also the enduring strength that propels them toward a brighter future.

Join us for a night where the magic of the circus converges with the unwavering hope, resilience, and strength embodied by the families we support. Through your continued support, we are dedicated to fostering hope, building resilience, and fortifying the strength needed to create positive change in the lives of families in need.

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Steps to End Homelessness

Join us for the 13th annual Steps to End Homelessness event, presented by Tamarack Valley Energy on Sunday, April 28 at the McHugh Bluff stairs in Crescent Heights.

Steps to End Homelessness was founded in 2009 by community advocate Suzanne West – born out of her desire to change the world and her commitment to advocate for the less fortunate. Suzannes passion and determination to end child and family homelessness was contagious and tireless. Steps to End Homelessness presented by Tamarack Valley Energy, has been one of Inn from the Cold’s most significant fundraising events. Now hosted by Inn from the Cold, the event is in Suzanne’s memory, with donations matched by Power of One Foundation – Suzanne’s charitable foundation now operated by her family. This means every dollar you raise will be doubled, having twice the impact. We are honoured to continue her legacy, and we hope you will join us for the 13th year to make this the most successful Steps to End Homelessness to date. 

Presented by:

Steps to End Homelessness would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors: Tamarack Valley Energy and Power of One Foundation, in honour of Suzanne West.

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