Welcome to Neoma!


The name Neoma represents the new moon, new beginnings, and a chance at a new chapter of life for the families that live here.

 We’re thrilled to offer you a virtual tour of the building. Take a few moments to explore and get a feel for the space.

Our Cultural Art Program

An important piece of our new home is our cultural art program. By including works of art in the building we are turning the unfamiliar into a place of comfort and inclusiveness. The art in the building is intended to inspire and strengthen a sense of identity, resilience and belonging. The inclusion of art reinforces our trauma-informed design by bringing warmth and humanity, and fostering a less institutional environment. The art that we have included helps us celebrate culture, the natural world, storytelling and even includes educational elements for our young guests.⁠

The artists featured throughout the building include:  Jacquie Comrie, Jason Carter, Sydonne Warren, Hali Heavy Shield, Billie Rae Busby, Sheila Kernan, Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas, Claire Nissen, Anne Ormerod, Heather MacIsaac, Yoko Galvin, Osaw Kihew (OK) Blankets and artists from the Plaid Moose Gallery.

A big thank you to the talented artists who have enriched our building with their stunning pieces, creating a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors.

The Importance of Trauma-informed Design

At its core trauma refers to the emotional response that results from experiences where an individual has faced major threats to their health, safety, and well-being. Many families who come to Inn from the Cold carry trauma from their past and not-so-distant past. Experiencing homelessness comes with a great sense of loss and disorientation.

“We are all deeply influenced by the space around us and so for me, it was a priority that our new building, Neoma, incorporated elements of trauma-informed design so our space aligned with our mission,” said Executive Director, Heather Morley.

But what exactly is trauma-informed design? To us, trauma-informed design is about creating spaces that incorporate principles of trauma-informed care with the goal that people in the space feel a sense of calm and safety. There are several principles to trauma-informed care: Safety, Trust, Peer Support, Collaboration, Choice, and Cultural/Historical/Gender Considerations.

“I strongly believe the families and the staff team at Inn from the Cold deserve a dignified, welcoming, and empowering space in which to live, work and play,” said Executive Director, Heather Morley.

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Neoma Snapshot

Neoma is a purpose-built environment that supports and reinforces best practices in trauma-informed care for families and features:

10 emergency family shelter spaces

10 transitional shelter units

72 affordable housing units

37% below-market rents

Here families are supported in a dignified and culturally sensitive environment, our integrated support services ensure that families have access to the resources and assistance they need to succeed. All of these services are conveniently located under one roof.

Our collaborative partnership with HomeSpace

In 2021, Inn from the Cold and HomeSpace formed a partnership to bring Project Thrive, to life. This collaboration gave both organizations the opportunity to repurpose unused office space and transform it into a family hub that prioritizes trauma-informed care, tailored to the specific needs of families.

Neoma serves as a holistic approach to address housing insecurity for families in need, an effort to revitalize the downtown region, and an investment in the future growth of our city.

With a shared commitment to innovation and courage, both organizations combined their respective strengths to produce something ground-breaking and centered around community impact. Our aspiration is that Neoma will serve as a shining example of collaboration and inspire change within our industry!

HomeSpace is the owner of the building, and Inn from the Cold is proud to be the main tenant.

Project Thrive is a compelling example of how to deliver both housing and critical social supports to those most in need.

Mayor Jyoti Gondek

Thank you to our donors (gifts $10,000 and above)

Government of Canada, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp, City of Calgary, Government of Alberta, Alberta Real Estate Association, The Anderson Family Charitable Foundation, Anonymous Donors, ATCO, BMO Bank of Montreal, Calgary Foundation, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Clearwater Foundation, CREB® REALTOR® Community Foundation, David Bissett, Enbridge Inc., EON Foundation, Genevieve Groulx, Gibson Energy, Home Depot Canada Foundation, J.N. Fyvie Family Fund at the Calgary Foundation, Jenny Belzberg, John Brussa, Kiewit Corporation, The Kinsmen Club of the Stampede City, Max and Denise Chan and Family, McCarthy Tetrault Foundation, Plains Midstream, Poelzer Family Foundation Fund, Rogers Communications, The Ruparell Family, Shaw Communications, Vermilion Energy and W. Brett Wilson


Thank you for rethinking community and making our multi-family hub possible! 

Walking into the new building was like entering a new chapter filled with hope and positive change. Absolutely love having a beautiful new room for privacy and a huge window with an amazing view! The new space shouts opportunity for us getting closer to obtaining a “forever” home. Losing a home can happen to anyone, including my kiddo & me. This housing crisis is no joke, thus we are so grateful for Inn from the Cold. Thank you for a warm, welcoming space to lay our head in the midst of our storm.

Neoma Resident

Community partners

Explore the other community partners in the building! Check out the links to learn more about the organizations who manage the other affordable housing units in the building.

Closer to Home works to provide children with stable, healthy, and safe environments for growth and development. In instances of family separation, the organization offers a supportive home for children and youth, complete with therapeutic support, all aimed at reuniting families.

The Drop-In Centre goes beyond simply being an emergency shelter. They provide essential care, health services, and housing support for adults experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Their programs and services are designed to connect individuals with permanent housing that fits their specific needs.