Supporting Families

Providing a gift of securities is not only a creative way to help support vulnerable families and children experiencing homelessness, but it also provides sizeable tax benefits. When donating publicly listed securities such as publicly traded shares, mutual funds or segregated funds to a charity, you will not be taxed on the capital gains from that investment.

Transferring securities is easy. You may transfer the securities electronically or deliver endorsed certificates directly to Inn from the Cold. To initiate a transfer of securities to Inn from the Cold, print and complete a securities transfer form below, authorizing your broker to release certificates to our organization. Our financial institution will then process the transfer.

If you own securities and they have grown in value, you will be taxed on their capital gains when the securities are sold. By donating those securities directly to Inn from the Cold, your estate can avoid taxes and make a significant gift at the same time.


How Does It Work?

A charitable donation receipt is issued for the fair market value of the security on the date we receive the transfer into our trading account. You must have your broker transfer the securities to Inn from the Cold. The gift will not qualify for the elimination of capital gains tax if the securities are sold and the cash then gifted to our organization.