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A creative space for kids at the INN

By 14 June 2017News

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Remember as a child when you stepped into a playhouse how your imagination took hold and suddenly that playhouse became a pirate ship, a magical cave, a secret place only you could imagine?

Recently, Shelter Multi-Site Supervisor, Ross Beaton while giving volunteers a tour of the INN, happened upon some children playing in an open area on the third floor, doing what kids do best, climbing in and out of empty cupboards, swinging on the doors, being kids.

That vision inspired The INN from the Cold Galaxy playhouse – a beautiful one room child-friendly space complete with raftered ceiling and a green child size bench upon which to dream, climb, and create.

Ross’ inspiration for the playhouse was born in his belief that all children need a safe place to play, to imagine, to dream. For the creative team of Chris Linstead and Lydia Cameron, who works with the Shelter Registration team, painting the Galaxy playhouse was a labour of love, fun and imagination. From a soaring space ship, to starry skies and friendly aliens, the playhouse is a beautiful retreat for kids to be kids – without worrying about catching fingers in cupboard doors!

Thank you Ross, Chris and Lydia. Your gift of creativity and playfulness will make a world of difference for every child and their family seeking shelter, sanctuary and healing at the INN.