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Circles of Hope 2018

By 11 October 2018Circles of Hope

Circles of Hope 2018 – Every child needs a hero.

Circles of Hope was first created in 2017 as a way to celebrate Inn from the Cold’s 20th anniversary in a way that gave back to the community.

In its inaugural year, Circles of Hope focused on topics of resilience and compassion using Indigenous story-telling techniques and including several remarkable keynote speakers.

While the theme changes yearly, this TED Talk-style event is about building a collaborative community through education and inspiration. Most importantly, it’s not just for those that work in the homeless-serving sector, but anyone who is interested in learning about the social issues in our city and how we can collaboratively create a brighter, more positive future together.

This year we are exploring the topic, ‘Every child needs a hero’. Our speakers will help to expand our knowledge and understanding of the first 18 years of life. A child’s development lays the groundwork for the person he or she will become and the adults in any child’s life play a large role in shaping identity. We’ve learned so far that positive adult relationships have the power to inspire, build resiliency, and promote healthy development mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically. But, we must further discuss how we can empower the next generation and create a brighter future for everyone.

We want you to walk away from the day with answers to the following questions:

  • How are we positively impacting the children in our life?
  • How can we ensure each child has at least one positive adult relationship?
  • How can we make the generation of tomorrow the strongest by acting today?

As keynotes, we have one of our nation’s top childhood development experts, an individual whose resiliency allowed her to overcome childhood trauma and the head of one of our country’s leading child health non-profits.

Tammy Schamuhn, a Registered Psychologist and Play Therapist, Founder and Executive Director of Family Counselling Centres will join us on November 6. Tammy’s expertise in family psychology has allowed her to positively impact thousands and has fostered incredible self-fulfillment in every client she assists.

Randy Taylor is an Author, Coach, Broadcaster and Industry Leader in Human Behaviour. Randy overcame incredible adversity during his youth to become one of our nation’s top thinkers and business leaders.

Sara Austin, CEO of Sheldon Kennedy and Child Advocacy Centre and Founder of Children’s First Canada. Sara is one of Canada’s most powerful women, leading the charge to help drive positive change in our country. Sara has spent a lifetime advocating for children and children’s health, her industry expertise is invaluable and her work is truly revolutionary.

With a variety of speakers from industry experts, innovative researchers, and people with lived experience of homelessness to community leaders, all with the purpose of sharing knowledge and stories to provide the highest quality of care to vulnerable populations, Circles of Hope is an event you won’t want to miss.

Join us as we discover why ‘Every child needs a hero’ and how you can be the hero every child deserves. Buy your tickets here.

 Check out our promo video below for a taste of the action