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Circles of Hope Stories: Rosalind Davis

By 24 October 2017News

The opioid epidemic is hitting Canada hard. The Government of Canada reported almost 2,500 overdose deaths in 2016, with western Canada feeling the brunt of the impact with death rates of over 10.0 per 100,000 population in Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories. (See report here)

This is an epidemic that is hitting Canadians in their entirety, regardless of where they fall on the socio-economic spectrum. At Inn from the Cold we are doing our part in assisting Calgary’s homeless population through our  health & wellness programs, but this problem is certainly not unique to our guests. At Circles of Hope we will be bringing light to all issues pertaining to family homelessness, addiction being one of them. This is why we are incredibly excited to have Rosalind Davis in our line-up.

Rosalind Davis’ partner, Nathan, died of fentanyl poisoning in early 2016, after battling an opioid addiction for a year and a half. After his death, Rosalind and Nathan’s sister, Jessica Holtsbaum, co-founded The Alberta Foundation for Changing the Face of Addiction, in the hope of educating on the importance of ending stigma, treating substance-use disorder as a medical condition by offering timely, evidence-based treatment for those suffering and establishing progressive drug-use such as decriminalization. Rosalind and Jessica believe that with support and compassion addiction would look very different. Everyone in society would benefit with more efficient spending of tax dollars, safer communities and lives would be saved.

Her story is inspiring, educational and an example of what good can come out of tragedy and how we can learn from our past to make a better tomorrow!

Rosalind - headshot

Rosalind Davis, AFCFA

Circles of Hope is November 8th at Fort Calgary. Get your tickets here!