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Today marks a significant milestone for the Downtown Safety Leadership Table. Heather Morley, Chief Executive Officer of Inn from the Cold and co-chair, together with co-chair Mark Garner, Executive Director of Calgary Downtown Association, along with five dedicated table members, unveiled an extensive report and a series of 28 tangible recommendations to address safety concerns in downtown Calgary.

The Table was formed by Mayor Gondek in the summer of 2023 with a mandate to provide a series of strategic recommendations, informed by community, that will improve safety and inclusivity in downtown Calgary.  The final report has now been shared with Mayor Gondek’s office and City of Calgary Council members. It sheds light on key themes identified during a seven-month consultation process. This consultation involved over 45 representatives from various individual and organizations, and a downtown survey.

The Table diligently delved into understanding community concerns and pressures throughout the seven months. Their report highlights the urgent need for action and underscores the importance of collaborative implementation of strategies to enhance safety in downtown Calgary. Like many urban centers, Calgary faces challenges such as an affordable housing crisis, economic disparities, escalating rates of mental health crises, and a toxic drug supply. Predatory behaviour targets the most vulnerable and is, unfortunately, most visible on the streets in downtown Calgary.

“As we operate in the heart of downtown, we’re not just observers; we’re active participants in experiencing and addressing safety concerns that affect families who access services at The Inn and our staff team who operate 24/7 in downtown. Our home, Neoma, stands as a beacon of hope, tackling housing insecurity, breathing new life into our downtown, and contributing to our city’s future prosperity. With an unwavering commitment to downtown revitalization, we understand the urgency and need for a Downtown Safety Leadership Table. We aim to cultivate a safer and more vibrant downtown that all Calgarians can proudly call their home,” says Heather.

As the report focuses on the needs and conditions of Calgary’s downtown, these are broad, complex issues that require a collective community response and collaboration across all orders of government. The report is broken down into short-, medium-, and long-term initiatives to enable an immediate response to urgent issues while identifying anticipated timing required to address more complex, system-level recommendations.

To access the full report, please visit: