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Happy Canada Day

By 30 June 2017News

Happy Canada Day to all of our supporters, volunteers, staff and most importantly guests! Today we celebrate a milestone for this country. Here at the Inn, we see many Indigenous guests come through our doors, more than 60% in 2016. The inter-generational poverty and impact of colonization and residential schools continues to impede their ability to prosper and live peacefully in this land that has always been their home. Our focus is to find pathways to well-being that honour the spiritual, cultural, and physical needs of children and families so that they can find their way home.

We also do see a large number of new Canadians seek shelter and support with us, nearly 16% to date this year in fact. These guests are often fleeing war torn countries and many are women who in their home countries have little to no rights. They see the Inn and Canada as a place of refuge and opportunity and we wanted to share some of their thoughts with you.

Recently, we asked, “What does Canada mean to you?” The heartfelt responses they shared provide a  different view of so much of what many of us take for granted about Canada. On this, the 150th celebration of Confederation, may we always remember that our country is stronger when everyone who shares this land has equal rights to experience the beauty, majesty, and wealth of all that Canada has to offer.

May these words remind us that while we have not done everything right for all who call Canada home, in acknowledging our mistakes and committing to do better for everyone, especially vulnerable children and families, we create opportunity for everyone to do better, together.

Canada Day Quote 5

“Canada is good because it is peaceful and the health benefits are free.” –

Family of two, single mother from Somalia. Moved to Canada 4 years ago.

Canada Day Quote 4

  • “I like Canada because of the freedom. I feel that my family is safe.” –

    Family of two, single mother migrated from Ethiopia two years ago.

Canada Day Quote 3

“Canada is a peaceful country. Everything is good here. But the weather is cold for me.” –

Family of three, single pregnant mother from Ethiopia, arrived in Canada four years ago.

Canada Day Quote 2

“Canada is very diverse. It is a safe place for my family. It is a good place to live and work for me.” –

Single pregnant mother moved to Canada 8 years ago from the Philippines.

Canada Day Quote 1