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Mental health at the Inn

By 31 January 2018News

Mental health is something that impacts us all, no matter our socioeconomic status, culture or gender. At Inn from the Cold, supporting both our guests and employees in wellness is a priority.  Wellness Days were introduced to the Inn for staff in 2018 in recognition of the challenges employees face and the need to proactively cultivate mental health.

Furthermore, there is evidence that points to the stressors that workers in the homeless-serving sector experience according to a report by Jeanette Waegemakers Schiff.

“The challenges of working with homeless individuals, including the psychological stressors of working with clients who have/are experiencing trauma, addictions and mental illness, as well as the physical/environmental challenges of the work are discussed. Within this discussion, the risks and protective factors experienced by workers are addressed, as well as organizational aspects that may help or hinder workers in coping with employment stress.”

Grace Kiely is our new Mental Health Support Worker at Inn from the Cold and on Bell Let’s Talk Day, Grace talks about the importance of mental health in the workplace.