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A virtual interview with Dexter – our budding philanthropist

By 8 June 2020News

Claire’s Campaign 2020 is officially finished. As we look back on another incredible month of continued support from our community, we want to highlight the work of one of our favourite young philanthropists. Dexter Ronak has been supporting Inn from the Cold for many years by organizing fundraisers to sponsor dinners and donate during Claire’s Campaign. We wanted to interview Dexter and get the inside scoop on his path to charity and helping those in vulnerable situations.

Tell us how you first became involved with Inn from the Cold.

I wanted to help homeless people because I felt sad for them.  My mom wanted a safe way to help.  My auntie told me about Inn from the Cold.  I decided to sponsor the Christmas dinner first.

What do you like most about doing bottle drives and other fundraisers?

It makes me feel good in my heart.  Everyone can help without it costing them money.

Why do you think it’s important to try to help out families? Where and when did you first find/hear about Inn from the Cold?

I think all families should have what I have; a home to live in and food to eat. I found out about Inn from the Cold in the summer when I was 8.  My auntie saw an Inn from the Cold information booth.  She got me information from there.

What has been the response to your fundraising efforts from your friends/family/schoolmates? Some people may call you a role model. Do you feel like a role model?

Yes, I kind of feel like a role model.  Lots of people say I’m a role model.  They are all proud of me.  They say I inspire them to want to help.

What has been your favourite fundraiser that you have done so far?

My favorite fundraiser has been the popcorn sale that my grade three class did (2 years ago).  We made over $700.  My favorite thing to sponsor and volunteer for was the birthday party.

What are your plans for the summer?

This summer I am hoping to go the Thunder Bay to visit my family.  I will also be camping, gaming, and hopefully playing baseball.



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