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Inn From the Cold Stepping Up For Homelessness with McHugh Bluff Stair Climb

Calgary, AB] – After two long years, Inn from the Cold is excited to be hosting the 11th annual Steps to End Homelessness fundraiser.

The event, held in memory of Suzanne West, will take place on Sunday, April 24, at the McHugh Bluff stairs in the neighborhood of Crescent Heights. Participants will do an uphill climb on behalf of vulnerable families needing support to get back on the path to housing independence.

“My sister always wanted to make a difference in the world. On her 45th birthday, she walked 45 sets of these stairs to celebrate —it’s what inspired this event. Suzanne wanted others to feel that same sense of accomplishment. She was passionate about giving back. So, even though she’s no longer here, her energy is felt on this day,” says Kathy Crowell-Rwamuningi, Suzanne’s sister.

Life is a long journey, and as we navigate the winding roads, missteps can happen that take us in the wrong direction and have us suddenly facing a crisis. But a journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step. Even the most minor actions are steps in the right direction, which might mean you need to stop for tips and advice to get back on the right path.

That’s where Inn from the Cold comes in.

“We step up for families and children facing a housing crisis, providing them with the resources to find their footing through transitional times and continue their journey with confidence,” says Heather Morley, Executive Director at Inn from the Cold.

Steps to End Homelessness – Facts & Figures

  • 501 steps (3x up & down) In recognition of the number of families served by Inn from the Cold (on average each year) Note: One round is counted as 167 steps up and back down using the ramp.
  • 1002 steps (6x up & down) In recognition of the number of children served by Inn from the Cold (on average each year)
  • 1670 steps (10x up & down) In recognition of the number of family members served by Inn from the Cold (on average each year)


$250 – Provides a week of healthy morning snacks for 10 children before they head off to school.

$500 – Provides 100 children a healthy bagged lunch for school.

$1000 – Provides a child with essentials and access to our child and youth program.

* Our goal is to raise $50,000 to help break the cycle of family homelessness.


Steps to End Homelessness was founded in 2009 by community advocate Suzanne West — born out of her desire to change the world and her commitment to advocate for the less fortunate. Suzanne’s passion and determination to end child and family homelessness was contagious and tireless.

Steps to End Homelessness has been one of Inn from the Cold’s largest fundraising events. Now hosted by Inn from the Cold, the event is held in Suzanne’s memory, with donations matched by Power of One Foundation — Suzanne’s charitable foundation now operated by her family.

Learn more or register here.

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