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Inn from the Cold named in the Top 10 Canadian Impact Charities

By 28 December 2016News

Designation let’s donors know their dollars make the maximum impact

Inn from the Cold, the Calgary Food Bank, Children’s Cottage Society and Fresh Start Recovery Centre were recently chosen by Charity Intelligence (CI) to be a part of their 2016 Canadian Charity Impact Fund (CCIF). The CCIF provides donors with confidence that their generosity will make a significant difference in improving the lives of Canadians. With the challenging economic times we face in Calgary, giving for impact matters more than ever. Many Calgarians need help for the first time ever and Calgarians can give to these four charities knowing that their dollars will make the maximum impact.

CI has selected the 10 most effective Canadian charities it has found which combat issues such as hunger, homelessness, recovery from addiction and improving education. To do this, CI works with Success Markets Inc. (SMI), a U.S. charity which was developed to take the guess work and lack of transparency out of charitable giving by developing metrics to measure the impact of each dollar donated. The CCIF charities create the highest overall value or Social Return on Investment (SROI) for Canadians to answer your question: “for every dollar I give, how many dollars’ worth of social value are being created?”

On Monday, November 28th, we were honoured to be part of a press conference with:

Kate Bahen, Managing Director, Charity Intelligence Canada
Mr. Stacey Petersen, RSW, Executive Director & Wayne Steer, Director of Fund Development, Fresh Start Recovery
Michael Guyette, Executive Director & Janeen Webb, Director, Donor Relations, Inn from the Cold
Melanie, former guest at Inn from the Cold
Patty Kilgallon, Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Cottage Society
James McAra, Chief Executive Officer, Calgary Food Bank

Please click to watch the video where Kate Bahen, Charity Intelligence talks about the importance of the CCIF:





Calgary Food Bank


Food Bank – Distributor

Children’s Cottage Society


Homeless Shelter & At-Risk Youth

East York Learning Experience


Education – Adult

Food for Life


Food Bank – Distributor

Fort York Food Bank


Food Bank – Multi-Service Agency

Fresh Start Recovery


Addiction Recovery

Inn From the Cold


Homeless – Shelter



Education – Youth

Pathways Clubhouse


Homeless – Mental Health

Youth Fusion


Education – Youth