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Claire’s Campaign – Meet Titi

Titilade Adeniyi is a case manager at Journey House. She works directly with families who move into our Journey House buildings. Families who live in Journey House require more case management care on their journey to independence. Titi provides care and guidance to families entering housing for the first time after trauma. For many of the families, she works with this is the first stable home they have ever had.

When you give to Claire’s Campaign you are providing the compassion of Titi to families.

Hear her story here:

This year, Claire’s Campaign comes in a time of incredible demand. We have seen large spikes in the number of families in crisis, with a 37% jump in the average number of families we are serving per night. We have seen over 3000 more bed stays from this year to last year. Your donation is needed now more than ever.

During the month of May, your donation will be matched by incredible Calgary philanthropists Gary Nissen, Karen Zutter and the Hutchinson Family. Double your impact and donate today.

Make a difference in the life of a family experiencing homelessness.