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Family Homelessness INNformation Series: Episode 2

By 6 March 2018Community

Episode 2: Research and Data

This week we are focusing our content around research and data in the family homeless-serving sector. Specifically, how can we utilize data to propel our work forward and bring new research and best practices to Calgary’s system of care?

This topic is incredibly important to the work that we do because with new research and improved knowledge we can improve our services to ensure we are providing the highest quality of care to families experiencing homelessness. We also want to ensure families are able to achieve and sustain independence in the mainstream community. To meet this goal we need to be using our data effectively to ensure each family has a positive outcome in our programs, and if not we are able to use the data collected to identify caps and improve our practices.

Watch Episode 2 HERE. This week we will have two additional interviews with experts in this field. The first interview with Kevin McNichol, VP Strategy at Calgary Homeless Foundation, watch his interview HERE. The second with Dr. Katrina Milaney from the Cummings School of Medicine at the University of Calgary available HERE.

Stay tuned for a deep analysis of the importance of research and data in effecting social change which will be published on our blog later this week. Also, interviews with Kevin McNichol and Dr. Milaney will be released in the next two days.

Episode 2: Research and Data is also available HERE

In case you missed it:

Last week’s topic was focused on the differences between family homelessness and single adult homelessness. You can watch Episode 1 HERE, or read our blog summary HERE.

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing weekly episodes where we sit down with experts in homelessness to discuss issues pertaining to family homelessness.

The episodes are:

Episode 1: Differences between Family & Adult Single Homelessness;

Episode 2: Data and Research;

Episode 3: Trauma-Informed Care;

Episode 4: Economic Barriers and Solutions;

Episode 5: Social Inclusion and the Case for Adequate;

Episode 6: Affordable Family Housing.