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Family Homelessness INNformation Series

By 21 February 2018Community
Tune in for the Family Homelessness INNformation Series, from Feburary 27 – April 3.

In 2017, we celebrated 20 years of serving vulnerable children and families in Calgary. However, when we analysed our data from the year, we realized the number of families we served had noticeably increased from 2016 to 2017. In fact, over the past 10 years, the number of families we served in shelter rose 9%, while adult single homelessness decreased by 26%. As well, our shelter operated at or over capacity 61% of the year and 58% of our guests were children. What we are seeing with families experiencing housing crisis in our city is the impetus to our Family Homelessness INNformation Series.

For 6 weeks, starting February 27th, we will be diving into the issues surrounding family homelessness. We will be speaking with Abe Brown, our Executive Director and experts in the field of homelessness. The series will be covering topics including: the differences between family & adult single homelessness, data and research, trauma-informed care, economic barriers and solutions, social inclusion and adequate and affordable family housing.

Throughout the series our online communication will be focused on a new topic weekly, with videos, interviews, statistics and blog posts to facilitate deeper conversation on each subject. We know that to end adult homelessness we must focus on ending child homelessness and that the needs of families experiencing housing crisis are radically different than those of single adults. We are excited to explore these topics with you and we hope you join us online to discuss these topics and learn more about the issues surrounding family homelessness.

You can get more details on our 2017 Year in Review here. Our Family Homelessness INNformation Series will be posted on all of our digital communication channels including our social media platforms, our YouTube channel and our blog.