Journey House

Journey House is place-based supportive housing, incorporating private family units with a wide range of programming and supports available for families based on their unique needs. Journey House supports the path from crisis to housing stability, supporting families to develop the life skills needed to achieve independence.

Journey House: An innovative solution

The Journey House model is focused as much on healing as it is on housing and facilitates a higher degree of self-resiliency, skill development and independence.


Journey House 1, is a nine-unit, one and two-bedroom apartment building for single-female headed families. The tenth unit is a Resource Centre for mothers and their children to receive case support and life skills training. A wide-variety of programming is also available to families creating natural social supports and building the skills for sustainable community integration.


Journey House 2, is a 10 unit, three-bedroom apartment building, with the eleventh unit being re-purposed as a Family Resource Centre. It serves as a community hub to encourage and support families in their transition from homelessness to being at home in the community. Units in Journey House 2 are larger to accommodate larger family sizes and are available to both dual parent families and single parent families.


“We know housing first works and our focus is to mitigate against the immediate impacts of homelessness by ensuring families have access to emergency shelter along with supports targeted to address emotional, physical and cultural needs to help them over a housing crisis. As soon as their immediate needs are addressed, we begin working with the families to ensure their experience of homelessness is short-term and non-recurring. This requires making sure they have access to the right resources and housing with supports so they can achieve independence.”

— Abe Brown, Executive Director, Inn from the Cold.