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INNformation Report | Focus on Immigrant Homelessness

INNformation Report Series

Immigrant families make up 20% of families served at Inn from the Cold. We have been focusing our research over the last few weeks on Immigrant Homelessness, specifically, what makes it unique from other homeless demographics and what the best strategies are to help end homelessness for immigrant and new Canadian families. According to Statistics Canada census data released in October of 2017, the immigrant population in Calgary grew from 197,175 in 2001 to 404,700 in 2017. The latest INNformation Report explores industry research and social trends that may be marginalizing new Canadians and leading them to homelessness. In the second volume of our report series, we interview a mother who moved to Canada to provide a better life for her family and faced adversity once she arrived. Read the full report below.

The full report can be accessed here:

INNformation Report: Focus on Immigrant Homelessness

INNformation Series Videos on Immigrant Homelessness

Catch up on the latest INNformation Series videos below, learn what Inn from the Cold is doing to better assist new Canadian families experiencing homelessness, and how we as a sector can do more to prevent families from becoming homeless. As well, Immigrant Services Calgary explains what services are available in the community and how one could easily access their assistance.

Watch videos:

Episode 12: Focus on Immigrant Homelessness

In our first episode on this topic, the team at the Inn, Kara Layher, Rebecca MacDonald, and Louise Gallagher discuss Immigrant Homelessness trends and what Inn from the Cold is doing to prevent and divert new Canadian families from ending up in an emergency shelter.

Episode 13: Immigrant Services Calgary

In Episode 13 of our INNformation Series, we sit down with Anuradha Ramkumar and Mina Demian from Immigrant Services Calgary to discuss what services they offer newcomers to Canada, complexities that immigrant families face in Calgary, and how the Calgary community can help. Thanks to Immigrant Services Calgary for being a part of the series!