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With Claire’s Campaign underway, we want to show you the impact of your donations by introducing you to Hannah, an incredible young woman who found her safe space at the Inn 

Meet Hannah Beaton, an incredible young woman who is now flourishing in life. At a young age she was separated from her four siblings, they were adopted into other families while she stayed with her biological mother. Hannah’s mother had trouble keeping up with the high cost of living while raising a young child, causing Hannah and her mother to move into numerous temporary accommodations of friends and families before discovering Inn from the Cold.

At 5 years old, Inn from the Cold became Hannah’s safe space. Each day she would count the hours until she’d get to come back to play with her new friends. Hannah remembers the warm bowls of chili, the kind kitchen support volunteers that would occasionally sneak her an extra treat, and the staff that would take the time to check up on her and make crafts. To Hannah, Inn from the Cold was a home filled with a community of supportive and caring staff and volunteers at a time when she needed it most.

“I do think that because of Inn from the Cold I don’t carry trauma from that time in my life. I feel peace, I feel love. You guys make a difference for a lot of families.”

Later in her life Hannah was adopted by her grandparents from her biological father’s side. At that point in her life she was adamant on finishing school, with the help of Child and Family Services Hannah was able to get the support she needed to attend and graduate University of Lethbridge’s Dhillon School of Business. Today, Hannah works as a successful marketer in Calgary.

“I believe that if you are homeless at any point in your life, it doesn’t mean that you will have any less chance of finding success in your life and turning it around.”

For over 8 years, Hannah has been using her free time to volunteer at Inn from the Cold. Moving forward, she wants to continue to help shine a light on children needing support – much like how others have shown her throughout her childhood.

“Every time I volunteer here, I just feel so much love. And I think to myself, even as I am an adult now, and I have my life, my husband, my dog, and my work, Inn from the Cold is still always going to be a piece of me. And I think that’s a great thing.”

At Inn from the Cold we help families help themselves. By donating today to Claire’s Campaign you will ensure we continue to help families like Hannah and her mother break the cycle of family homelessness. Help us make this the biggest year for Claire’s Campaign and donate at