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Calgary is facing an escalating housing crisis that demands immediate attention from all levels. In the past year, Calgary has witnessed an alarming surge in rent prices, with an increase of over 18%, surpassing other cities in the country (link). This alarming spike in rent has thrown many families into a troubling predicament, struggling to find housing that fits within their budget.

The pressing need for affordable, apartments suitable for families cannot be overstated. It is absolutely vital that we collaborate with policymakers and ignite public awareness to drive substantial change in this situation. As the cost of living continues to climb, the task of securing adequate housing for families has transformed into an ever more difficult challenge.

At the heart of this struggle lies the reality faced by families seeking support at organizations like Inn from the Cold, where the average income for these families hovers around $3,000 per month, making even a one-bedroom rental entirely unaffordable. When we consider that the average family size seeking assistance consists of four individuals, the scarcity and exorbitant cost of family-sized housing becomes even more evident.

Without access to stable housing, families face a multitude of challenges, including increased financial strain, limited access to education and healthcare, and a higher risk of homelessness. This crisis not only affects families directly but also has broader implications for the overall well-being and social fabric of the entire community.

5 Things YOU can do to help:

  1. Raise Awareness: Start by educating yourself and others about the housing crisis in Calgary. Share information on social media, engage in conversations with friends and family, and participate in community discussions to spread awareness about the challenges faced by people seeking affordable housing.
  2. Support Local Organizations: Many non-profit organizations, like Inn from the Cold, are working to provide housing supports and resources to families in need. Consider volunteering your time or donating to these organizations to help them in their mission.
  3. Contact Elected Officials: Reach out to your local representatives, city council members, and provincial and federal politicians to express your concern about the housing crisis. Urge them to prioritize affordable housing initiatives and support policies that address the issue.
  4. Advocate for Affordable Housing: Attend public meetings, town halls, or community forums where housing and development issues are discussed. Advocate for the creation of more affordable family-sized apartments and housing projects in your neighbourhood.
  5. Support Affordable Housing Initiatives: When there are proposed affordable housing projects in your area, show your support for them. Engage positively with your community to dispel misconceptions and promote the benefits of inclusive and diverse housing options.