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Inn from the Cold stands as a pillar of support and hope in Calgary, offering essential services to families facing housing instability. Our mission goes beyond simply providing shelter; we strive to facilitate a return to stable housing and ensure the holistic well-being of families. This is achieved through our extensive network of community partnerships in the family sector.

A Coordinated System of Care

We recognize that the path to housing stability and overall well-being is complex and varied for families, as every family’s situation is unique. We are part of Calgary’s collaborative network of partners and agencies in the Family Sector, enabling us to benefit from a coordinated system of care that collaboratively addresses all aspects of a family’s needs.

This approach integrates various services and resources from our community partners to create a seamless support system. Designed to be responsive and adaptive, it recognizes the unique challenges each family faces. By working together within this network, we can ensure that no need goes unmet, covering everything from social and emotional support to physical and mental health care

Comprehensive Support Through Collaboration

At Inn from the Cold, while we provide a spectrum of wraparound supports in-house, we recognize the necessity of external collaborations to meet the unique and comprehensive needs of families. Our network includes a variety of partners from different services, including:

  • Employment & Training Support: We connect families with local organizations like Prospect and Momentum that assist with job searches, skills training, and employment opportunities, empowering parents to build a stable financial foundation.
  • Legal Aid: Access to legal advice and support is crucial for families navigating challenges that may include immigration issues, custody battles, or housing rights.
  • Mental Health Support: Partners specializing in mental health, like CUPS’ Rapid Care Counselling program, provide counselling and therapy, helping family members cope with the stress and trauma that often accompany housing instability.
  • Food Security: Through referrals to Calgary Food Bank and other food programs, we ensure that families have access to nutritious meals, which is fundamental to their health and well-being.
  • Affordable Housing Programs: To address the critical need for stable housing, we work closely with affordable housing providers like HomeSpace, Norfolk Housing, Onward, Calgary Housing and others. These partnerships help us secure stable housing solutions for families, facilitating a smoother transition out of temporary shelter situations.
  • Newcomers and Refugees: Agencies like the Centre for Newcomers, which specializes in the needs of newcomers and refugees, provide tailored support, such as language training, cultural integration, and navigating the Canadian legal and healthcare systems, ensuring a smoother transition into the community.
  • Collaboration with First Nations: We work directly with First Nations like Siksika Family Services to support their nation members through culturally sensitive programs and services and facilitate a more personalized and effective support system.

These are just a small snapshot of the many partners we are fortunate to collaborate with in the Family Sector. By leveraging these partnerships, we not only extend our reach but also enhance the effectiveness of our interventions, ensuring that every family receives tailored support that addresses all aspects of their well-being.

Success Stories

Through our collaborative efforts, we have witnessed transformative changes in the lives of many families. For instance, a single mother of three was able to secure a stable job and permanent housing after receiving legal aid, mental health support, and employment training through our partner organizations. Her story is a testament to the power of collective action and the comprehensive support system facilitated by Inn from the Cold and our Community Partners.

The Path Forward

Looking ahead, Inn from the Cold is committed to strengthening existing partnerships and forging new ones. We believe that by expanding our network and enhancing the coordinated system of care, we can more effectively address the evolving needs of Calgary’s families.

We invite community organizations, volunteers, and donors to join us in this crucial work. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of families striving for stability and well-being.